Dahlia del Lupo Nero

Dahlia del Lupo Nero (Pike del Lupo Nero x Bärbel von Gerland). Dahlia is line bred 5.5 on V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft on her sires side and Timmy von der bösen Nachbarschaft on her Dam’s side.

Pike’s sire line goes to V Exe vom Schmiedegarten SCHH3 (BSP- V), IP3 (V), FH 1 (V), FH2 (V), IPO-FH and Bandit vom Oberhausener Kreuz SCHH3 [SG BSP] IP3 FH1 through his sire V Irko vom Schmiedegarten.

Pikes dam is V Alexia del Lupo Nero, SCHH3 (LGA). Alexia has produced many bundessiegerprufung, national and world competition dogs.

Bärbel’s sire line comes down from V Nick vom Heiligenbösch through V Melano vom Cap Arkona. Bärbel’s dam’s line comes from Mink vom Haus Wittfeld through Crok vom Erlenbusch and Yesko von Karthago.

Helsing v Tiekerhook

Helsings litter was the vision of Koos Hassing. His vision was to combine his Max Line with the Lines of Pike del Lupo Nero and Black-Jack von der Teufelskehle.

Pike del Lupo Nero is one of the top working stud dogs of Germany. He is known for his high drives and hardness.

Black-Jack is also a very sought after stud dog in Germany. He brings drive, hardness and a serious edge.

Hellsing is line bred Olex de Valsory one of Nick vom Heiligenbösch’s best sons.

Helsing van Tiekerhook